Handcrafted goat milk soap packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins. This creamy soap moisturizes, soothes and hydrates even the most sensitive skin. Ingredients include goatmilk, lye, sunflower oil and organic essential oils.

$4 each / 3 for $10

Varieties include:
Honey Oatmeal Lemongrass
Honey Orange
Honey Oatmeal
And more!

The more thoroughly a goat milk soft soap ca dry out between uses, the longer it will last! To maximize the life of your soap, keep it in a well-drained soap dish and wipe off extra moisture after each use.

To place an order, please email We are located near Assiniboine Park and will arrange for pick up date and time. If downtown is more convenient for pick up, that can also be arranged.

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