Prairie Sweetheart Honey is a small-scale apiary producing artesenal craft honey from urban hives located in the Charleswood area of Winnipeg, MB. We love raising healthy bees, watching them thrive and sharing in their harvest.

Our approach to yard management is based on the natural tendencies of the hive. It means observing and learning from the bees’ behaviour, figuring out what they intend to do and then helping them get it done. We create a place and an environment that allows our bees to do their own, beautiful thing.

We care for and protect these pollinators because bees play a vital role in the balance of nature; especially in pollination of many farming initiatives, community gardens, orchards and seed industries.

Everything we do has the health of our bees in mind.




Prairie Sweetheart Honey works toward a better environment to help create a sustainable, safe future for the bee population. The ultimate goal is to offer practical training for hobbyist beekeepers to help them grow their passion, manage their hives with confidence and become part of a beekeeping community.

We truly believe that education and small farming initiatives are key to a greener and brighter future. Prairie Sweetheart Honey is one small part of the bigger picture.

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