Our Honey

Prairie Sweetheart Honey has a unique and delicious taste because of its proximity to Assiniboine Forest, one of Canada's largest urban nature parks located in Winnipeg, MB.

This natural wilderness park spans 700 acres with over 200 species of plants including Manitoba maple, Northern wheat grass, Prairie sage, Milkweed, Purple prairie-clover, Seaside buttercup, Wild gooseberry and the Northern bog violet.

Also nearby, the Leo Mol English Gardens has local and imported plants blooming throughout the growing season and the Assiniboine River has a large variety of flora found along the banks.


The flavour of honey depends on the source of nectar (flowers and plants) collected by the bees throughout the flow of the season. The taste will vary along with the texture, colour and even aroma based on where the bees were foraging and time of year the honey is harvested. The difference in taste is incredible!

Raw Honey

This is 100% real and natural honey. The nectar source not only determines flavour and colour, but it also helps decide how the honey crystallizes over time - fast or slow, crunchy or smooth.

Initially, the honey comes out of the cells as a liquid - during extraction we make sure it’s at 17.8% moisture content, just like the bees keep it in the hive. Honey will never go bad, but if it is extracted with a moisture content that is too high, it will eventually ferment.

As long as the honey is completely natural and unpasteurized (not heated up), it will start to crystallize. This is ok! Crystallized honey is a sign of high quality, raw honey. Nothing added, nothing taken out!

If you prefer liquid honey, just put it in a hot water bath. Don’t heat it too high, it will kill all the natural enzymes, micronutrients and health benefits.

You can also buy liquid honey fresh out of the hive! Our first extraction will likely be late June - this is our spring batch and sells quickly, so get your orders in now. We’ll also be extracting throughout the honey flow in July and August.

This season, we plan to freeze some liquid honey right out of the hive, which preserves its liquid state. So it might be available year-round, if quantities last! We are also trying our hand at creamed and flavoured honey.


The extraction process at Prairie Sweetheart Apiary is simple and clean — what you get is straight from the hive. It is 100% natural honey as bees produced it from the nectar of the Manitoba flora.


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