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Well folks, this website blog never got off the ground. Turns out I blog through my Instagram feed instead and it doesn’t make sense to be posting in both of these places. So…you can either follow me on INSTAGRAM or else visit my INSTAGRAM GALLERY in my new online store if you aren’t part...

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Loloku, my new Hawaiian queen from Kona sure has her work cut out for her! She is currently in the hive with only a handful of winter bees as her colony. I introduced her to my queenless nuc last Wednesday. It was lucky I got my hands on a mated queen at all since...

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Ups and Downs

Checking my hives always brings excitement and turmoil. Last Friday was no different. I started with Coraline and Susannah, the two nucs (five frame hives) who share a box. Coraline and her colony were gone altogether and I felt devastated. On further investigation, they still had plenty of food stores, hive was mold-free and mite...

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The Winter Box

It’s finally ready! A labour of love to give the bees their best chance to make it through our cold Manitoba winter! It is made with 2” rigid styrofoam on sides and 3” on the top and bottom. Inside, the insulated cushions are made with rafter insulation wrapped in Tywex paper using 1" fiber tape...

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I truly didn't expect a single drop of honey from my first season. I figured that the bees would use everything for their winter stores. Turns out it doesn't work that way and I extracted honey from nine frames for a grand total of 25 lbs of delicious Prairie Sweetheart Honey to enjoy with...

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The Swarm

I was beside myself when I received the call from my partner Wayne that there was a swarm on the equipment over at MacDon!Luckily I had a few connections in the bee world and called for help. I met the guy there so I could witness him brushing the swarm into the nuc box.It...

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